topo !!

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voici le premier topo de notre grotte !!!
on en est assez content, c`est un brouillon il reste des cotations a confirmer mais on a finit pour ce secteur. On recevra bientot de nouveaux points pour equiper d`autres secteurs, il nous reste encore trois semaines pour ecouler juste une centaine de points, ca va aller vite…

Crystal cave "Telendos south coast"


Firstly discovered and bolted from the bottom in automn 2007 by Gaetan Raymond, routes 1 and 2.

This sector is located at the wild south coast of Telendos.

The other routes until 20/04/08 – listed hereunder – were bolted principaly from the bottom by Thibault Saubusse, Quentin Jaillard, Quentin Chastagnier and Gaetan Raymond. Coming from Grenoble, France. The gear was provided by the help of local funds, thanks to all the people for giving the opportunity to open such a big place.


Advises, the routes are quite new, so some stalactites may still break. Thus do not stay below the climber, helmet is more than advised.

Rope of 100m is mandatory, be care full!

The routes level need to be confirmed, it was just estimated after few red point.


Here are the routes.

1 : Telendos ô Telendos            L1 : 6c, L2 : 7c

2 : The nose of the Princess       L1 : 6b, L2 : 7c

3 : Georges’s                            ?

4 : Avis                         7b

5 : Sun Rise                              7a+

6 : Stalas                                  6b

7 : Sea view                              7b+

8 : Nectarios                             7a+

9 : Es pontas                             ?

10 : Typhoon                            7c

11 : Vespa                                7c+

12 : Flying Dutchman                7a+



Contact with the climber, Gaetan : 0033 687 493 952


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