Outdoor show, Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2016

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I’ve been to the outdoor show these last days, from 13th to 16th of July 2016


So I have collected here some new cool stuff in my opinion, I probably missed some and some might be also not so new.

Polartec-Alpha-ktmart_vn 0904644346 ktmart
Polartec Alpha is used on light jacket by most of apparel brands. This fabric from 2012 is constituted by low density fibers between air permeable woven layers that creates a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture.


This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity.

Dyneema is more and more used for backpack since last year like Hyperlite mountain gear, CiloGear,… 5 times stronger than 1000D Cordura and waterproof it has obvious advantages, but however not stretchable and more expensive… And what about breathable dyneema material for clothes?

Daily hauling bag. Finally, the companies have understood the needs of climbers who are hauling on hard multipitches. They don’t need a 50L hauling bag for artificial climbing, they need a 40 or 30L little light bag but enough strong to be hauled with food, water and clothes for a one-day climb.

Thin rain jackets under 100 grams like the Hyper 100 Jacket from Berghaus, 97g


or the Rain Speed Ultralight HS Jacket from Mammut.

goretex active jacket mammut

Both The North Face and Arc’teryx (and more since 2014) propose such light jackets made with the new Gore-Tex Active fabrics which is the best Gore-Tex technology, water and wind proof. Does not need DWR treatment with its smooth outside surface!

goretex active jacket north face arcteryx

Harnesses. Always thinner, lighter and stronger but no significant innovations expect the Kong Aeron flex for gear loops placements

aeron flex kong (2)

The Edelrid Loopo Lite for its lightness (80g) made with dyneema cords, the lightest harness in the market now for ski touring and mountaineering after the 82g Cilao Ultra Race and the 92g Camp Alp Racing.

– Ropes. Black Diamond is coming back with a range of new ropes 9.2mm, 9.6mm, 9.9mm and 7.8mm twin ropes with and without FullDry treatment. Made by Roca.



Edelrid makes the thinnest half rope of the market, the Skimmer 7.1mm after the Beal Gully 7.3mm. Micro Jul from Edelrid is essential for belaying with such thin ropes!

skimmer edelrid


-> Climbing gear <-

*Petzl new Grigri +

grigri + petzl (1)
8.9 to 10.5mm
Anti panic system
Two options for belaying, leading and top-rope/second belaying with more blocking
More solid in use with stainless steel protections
200g, 30g more than the Grigri 2
Petzl description here: https://www.petzl.com/GB/en/Sport/New/GRIGRI-PLUS#.V48sGbiLSVM

The Grigri has 25 years old and had some new modifications since then. After the patent expiration, many brand made their own, never lighter and cheaper but with some nice options and optimizations. Life guard (Mad Rock), Matic (Camp), Gnome (Ice Rock), Vergo (Trango)

*Wild Country Revo belaying system.


The first bi-directional assisted locking belay device. Need to try to understand how lowering works.

*Camp Dyon carabiner. The opposite of the Petzl Ange gate but without hole on the gate to eject ice or mud. 33g


*Edelrid Ohm.

ohm edelrid

Presented at ISPO 2016, it is an assisted-braking resistor. In the event of a fall, the OHM increases rope friction so that a lighter belayer can hold a heavier partner.

*Edelrid Bulletproof hybrid carabiner.bulletproof edelrid

Combines the benefits of steel and aluminum carabiners. It is made from aluminum with the exception of a steel reinforcement element at its vertex. This provides protection at the point that is most susceptible to abrasion.

*MadRock unidirectional carabiner with two gates and special quickdraw with shape made to improve clipping.


Outdry waterproof and breathable membrane since 2013.


It uses a one-piece impenetrable layer heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric, leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in. Compare that to traditional waterproof technology. Water gets in and stays in, collecting in the space between the inner and outer layers, making them heavy and wet. OutDry improves fit and dexterity, keeping you drier, lighter and more comfortable. It can be used for shoes and gloves but also for apparel and backpacks.


Polarmond tent.

polarmond (2)

All in one sleeping system has a modular design.

polarmond (1)

Its core product, the sleep shell, can be combined with various weather protections. Neo air mattress, synthetic isolation and blanket inside.


– S/Lab Xalp Carbon 2 Salomon new boots. The evolution of the first boots 2 years ago, need to try it!!

– G5 La Sportiva boots. Ultra technical waterproof boot for high altitude mountaineering. Boa lacing system at the bottom of the shell and the Velcro strap at the top. Waterproof Cordura® gaiter with heat sealed zipper and Velcro cover and the inner waterproof membrane. 850g


Trango Tower GTX La Sportiva boots. Replaces the classic Trango S EVO and is an ultralight three season alpine climbing. Double abrasion resistant uppers with Honey-Comb Guard in high wear zones create a durable boot.


– Advance pro 2 MSR bivy tent. Comes with carbon/aluminum composite poles, made with a flexible, nearly indestructible advanced composite material. 1,3kg

advance pro 2 alpine tent msr

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